The Beater

I cruise through CBN and see a lot of really cool, well built , well designed CBGs.

I look in my "shop" and see an old beater.  This guitar is my experiment guitar.  Before I try anything on a "good" git, I will try it here.

A friend donated a Chinese classical guitar to me so I stripped the frets and they found their way to the Beater.  The cigar box is a Chillin' Moose so it looks cool but I can't get any sound out of the thing.  It's got tape where the box kind of fell apart. 

It's riddled with holes where I have experimented with the bridge or some other part of the guitar.

Currently the Beater is having a face lift.  I am practicing using my Safe-T-Planer on the head stock.  I found a piece of 1/8" wenge wood so the head stock actually looks respectable.

The through box notch was another great chance to use the Safe-T-Planer.  It worked great except the neck was too thin.  I glued on a 1/2" piece of oak.

I am re-doing the bridge.  I made a rosewood acoustic style bridge to accommodate a bone saddle.  In doing so, I have killed two birds with one stone: I have more experience with these saddles and I have covered up nearly all the evidence from my previous modifications.

Rumor has it, I will be getting piezo rods today so I will stick one under the saddle.  More experimenting!

I actually had the Beater torn up and in the trash last night.  I have a new Chillin' Moose box and I thought It would be good just to start over.  Then I remembered, "This is the Beater!  It doesn't matter!"  I saved it form the trash and glued it back together.

It's actually a pretty cool guitar.  Nothing fancy.  It's a beater.

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  • Hey Alan, I like it . I reckon you ought to stick Alfred's image on it somewhere for good luck :-)

  • So here are a couple of pics of the Beater.  Looks pretty good now.

    Still needs some work.  ;)306532745?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024306533868?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024306535157?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024306536218?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • All that experimenting is where the fun is! I've pulled at least one from the trash and had fun with it.

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