machinehead screws

can anyone tell me where those small screws for retaining tuning pegs go?do they have a meeting place,say like loose screw nation?are they at your place visiting your machinehead retaining screws?if they are could you send them home?at least 3 of the goldy looking ones anyway,thx

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  • Same with me. Darryl.  A while back I bought a bag of tuner screws from Gitty.   They've been good to have.

  • oh,yeah,know all about plectrum central,must have 20 or 30,can maybe get my hands on 5 quickly

  • Plectrum Central...just behind the workbench area where my tools decided to hibernate
  • They hang out with loose change in the couch cushions.
  • think they've gone to plectrum central !

  • darryl,

    Gitty sells small gold screws in lots of 100 for around 5 or 6 bucks. Meanwhile, have you checked the Left Foot Sock Repository? It's right next to the Ballpoint Pen Graveyard.

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