$9.99 Violin?


How in the world? I came across this on ebay and thought it must be a misprint. Violin, case, bow, rosin and free shipping from Belgium. How is this possible. I checked and it's not a misprint so I ordered one since I needed a case and this is less than what the case would have cost me heck it's less than a set of strings! It's supposedly on it's way so I'll report back about what I'm sure will be a quality instrument whenever it arrives.

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  • Yeah Mark, those are all great ideas to make something a halfway decent instrument. I still haven't received this but I'm not holding my breath. My latest find was at a yard sale over the holiday weekend. $25 for a German factory fiddle. Ton-Klar with no cracks but in need of pegs. tailpiece and bridge. It'll be worth $100 when I'm done and I'll feel like I saved a decent student fiddle. I'd much rather make one from a box but lots of folks want something that looks more "normal' I'll update if I actually receive this instrument.

  • LOL, I've occasionally bought and sold a few violins, but never found one that cheap. 

    But its amazing what a bit of careful setup and a modest string upgrade will do for some of this crap. 

    Fix the tuners, set the action to playable and put a set of D'Addario's  on them to make them at least minimally playable and surprise! Its not just a toy or a wall hangar.

    It will be interesting to hear what happens.

  • Yup, I've used the toothpick trick before but with the amount of pressure here I plan to drill the holes out and glue in some dowels. That should do it. I've used t -nuts before but the  fret board has to come off for that to work.

  • Oh, it was $83 and I'm sure the parts come to more than that. I'll do the repairs and probably ask $150. Still a pretty good deal for what looks like a decent LP copy.

  • You're right Wayfinder. Worst case is I'll be out 10 bucks. I do like finding broken instruments that can be easily repaired which I can then keep or sell for a small profit. Just got this one with stripped neck screw holes. 


  • Yeah Ron, we'll see.

  • I'd bet misprint, especially since the listing was taken down. But if yer mailbox gets filled, nice score!
  • Yup David I saw that. We'll see if it arrives but like you said at least there's some protection by Paypal.

  • The listing has been removed by ebay - it will be interesting to see if the items arrive. No problem either way thanks to PayPal.
  • :-o

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