January 14

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  • Regan hi,¬†thanks for your answer: the comment wasn't around just for some minutes, and it sounded really bad. I see a problem there that the Lace brothers aren't very eager to check what's really the matter on cigarboxnation, otherwise they would understand that the DIY induction pickups and their alumitones are playing in totally different divisions. I agree with you that I'm not always diplomatic but don't forget my mothertongue isn't english, sure Ron 'Oily' Sprague expresses the same benevolent critics to the Lace brothers as I do in a less offending way.

  • Regan hi, I think it was rather fair to give him a week to clear the matter. Highly antagonistic was his assertion the noncommercial simple cheap current based DIY pickups infringe a patent. There are some people on the wait whether they dare to publish their videos or not, and I didn't expect an attack from this side.

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