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  • Hello.

    I didn't even know that wine box guitars were a thing until I read about this group just now.

    Thanks for sharing your information and ideas.



  • Looks great,Jim.Very clean looking.I bet it sounds great,too...Micky

  • Hey all - I'm new to guitars, new to CBN, new to wine box guitars, and new to building. Discovered this group a few days ago after having (mostly) completed the process of building the wine box guitar in this photo. Still have a few things I want to do to it (replacing temporary bridge plate with finished one, adding fret markers, finger board oil, and probably some nitrocellulose lacquer to protect the wood), but have it sounds so good I haven't been willing to let it go back into the shop. I hope to have a video posted sometime in the not-too-distant future (preferably highlighting a friend of mine who can really make this thing sing).

    306220006?profile=originalLooking forward to picking some of your clearly artistic brains in the future. Cheers.


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  • Hello all, Just joined up and thought I'd pop up a few pics of my wine box. It's a work in progress and I'll update later once it has all come together:



    The veneer is cut but the guitar will have to be taken apart for it to be added later I have no amp yet but it sound lovely just as an accoustic

  • Great stuff ! How's the slapping sound ?

  • I made a Bass guitar from a Riunite Wine box.  I put weedwacker strings on it and put a piezo in it. The tuners are 1/4-20 eyebolts.  This is a one and only.  Hope you like it305898239?profile=original305899304?profile=original

  • latest winebox build :

    DogDish Winebox Resonator Guitar

  • Just finished my first Wine Box Bass:

    305740992?profile=originalBuild details here:

    Broom Pole and Wine Box Bass

  • My new project is going to be a baritone ukulele made from this 3 bottle wine box. 
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Lockdown project: 30" scale 24 fret bass guitar

Hi folks, I want to show you and discuss a project that I started one year ago in my kitchen during the boring first pandemic wave in my tiny flat. Keep in mind that I didn´t had access to the workshop in my house and had not many tools here. Making an instrument is not something new to me but I´ve never made a string instrument. I played with the idea in my mind to build a regular bass guitar from a bought kit. But then I found the wonderful world of cigar box guitars. Thanks a lot for all…

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