Locating CBG cigar boxes in NZ


I'm new to the NZ group and in the process of making a CBG.  Does anyone know of a local source for suitable cigar boxes?

They are few and far between and costly on Trademe, and it costs an arm and a leg to get one from the US, so I am interested to get any ideas.


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  • try these guys www.cigarshop.co.nz

    • Thanks, Colin, I tried Cigarshop but hey don't anything at the moment - maybe Kiwis don't import cigars in bulk!

      I think I will build a box from scratch


    • Try get in contact with Canteros.co.nz I get mine from there they have heaps of boxes!  

  • sorry no but making a small box out of recycled  timber or another type of   box  eg  a can might be a god place to get started.

     cheers Colin (Wanganui)

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