Kiwi Boxstock.....

Ok fellow kiwis, serious now

How about we get together and have a bot of a jam / gig / festival celebrating the cigar box guitar...?

Yes I know its easy to say but how cool would it be to get together as a group and just kick it off. 

I really want to do this, dont matter how we sound, its the spirit of it that counts.

Considering early 2013, who's in...?

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  • Yep Keen -keep us posted and will make the trip, (in the north Island I hope).


    • Hi
      Trying to get Justin Johson out here in feb for tourand workshops
      You can email me direct if still interested in get together
    • definately Interested

  • Comment by Dominic Firkin yesterdayDelete Comment

    Hi seems little activity on the site are any members interested in a festival type weekend.there is obviously a lot of planning but a couple of locals are interested in some form of roots blues folk country whatever get together with Cbg,'s as part of menu .if any interest we can look at its feasibility cherrs
  • OK just dropped in and joined and starting build. Now where would this gig be??

  • Still on for this New Zealand, who is keen to showcase CBG's in NZ next year...????

    • Where's this going to be held?

  • Kia Ora dudes

    Ok, this is picking up some momentum. I have a venue sorted for this, reckon we could do a gig plus exhibit our gear, anything to promote the CBG movement. This wont happen till the new year so lets have a show of hands to see who is keen?

  • Nice one mate, so if we can get everyone else on board then we are away. Cheers dude

  • Yeeee yaaaa

    Wonda in when you were gunna mention that

    Count me in

    Shit better start gettin my skill level up eh?

    Well done Bro

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