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Hi all I am new to cbg nation . So a little about myself . I’m from uk, am 64 yrs , started learning the guitar at 41 yrs . I have always been a fan of using a slide and so the cigarbox guitar  is great for this as you all know .  I play semi professionally and use the natural sound of the cbg with occasionally a little reverb , and have developed an alternating thumb style on the 3 string . I have posted a few free lessons on YouTube which you are welcome to view. It is on “ cigarbox pick and slide “ My comment on the site that I have not found anyone on utube that plays an alternating base on the 3 string cbg was some time ago and no doubt there are others doing this . Anyhow I hope to learn a thing or two myself by joining this comprehensive site . 

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  • Welcome,

    you are a player, do you want to build also?


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