All ideas to make headless guitar tuners if you are

shortage of wood.
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  • i didn't know this group was here and i also see that the last post was 5 years ago.. oh well.

    i don't usually use any sliders or any alternative tuning heads in particular, I tend to build my heads into the base of my boxes.

    I figure that if you are going to take the time to craft a nice head on a guitar (which i often do) then sometimes its just as time consuming to put the tuners into the body of the box. I had to make my 28" scale headless because my strings were 30" long. lol.

    Im not often online these days but if you post a message for me i will eventually get back to you about how Ive done various builds as can be seen in my profile pictures.

  • I have an idea to use the 'joiner' thingies in ikea bookshelves instead of tuner gears/keys.  It would go well with a headless design and put it all on the tailstock.

    Will return with pics when i get a round tuit.



  • That link on Joe Bloeskis comment below is awesome.  Love the tuning head he made.  Cheers for some good English inventiveness!

  • My Biddley Bow (2 string but played like one) uses a bolt with a hole in it held in places with two locking nuts for a tuner

  • Found this on youtube that offers a pretty slick DIY solution

  • Had an old friend when I was just a young pup.....he was amazing on the guitfiddle of all things.....the most I remeber about that machine, was the non-existence of tuner keys. As a young pup, being around 10 or 11, that was some 50 years or so ago.........I was amazed at how he kept it in tune. As the he played, every once and a while it would go off on him, so he would tune it to a different every time. Said it hadn't found itself as of yet!!!!! Of all the notion to tell a little man learning how to pluck a tune *-)  He would make some of the best songs with it being either flat or sharp at some point or another.

    Keyless tuners has always been one of my favorite styles of string instroe's.

    Fun finding a new use for old stuff, which makes the best of nothing come alive.


  • Interesting design using wrap around nylon string as frets!
  • I have never done any headless guitar.  I have seen bolts in use.

    This site have 2 ideas for headless guitar tuners.

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Headless tuner ideas.

Just discovered this group. Since I have been considering a headless build I have been researching (and brainstorming) the possibilities. I am working on a couple of ideas of my own, one of the DIY and simple home made style and another slightly more sophisticated solution, both in the CBG oriented builder style. While I will work on those designs and share at some later point, I would be glad to share the pictures I have collected of ideas to study.                      

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