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  • Hi all;

    Am an Arky at this point but Colorado native for my 1st 45 years.  Hometown is Greeley and spent many years working in Ft. Collins and Loveland.  Sure miss the trails there, used to skate them for hours after work.  Have been making cbg's and custom pieces in the cigar box style.  Loving life here in the "Shire",  I often think about starting a festival here, but sounds like too big of a project for me at this point in life.  We have a great ampitheater at the Passion Play that holds a couple thousand people which would be the perfect venue for an event.  Maybe someday.  You can see some of my guitars on Facebook   Am looking forward to make some new Colo. connections.  Who knows, there might even be someone I worked with that now builds cbg's.

  • Thanks perfesser...  I am in Littleton. 

  • Yep, Im still here.

    Perfesser Blue

    Im in Montrose these days.


  • Testing, testing...

    Anybody out there?

  • Anyone up for some plucking this Saturday, October 29th?

    There is a car show in Littleton, CO at Powderhorn Park - 11501 W Coal Mine Ave (Simms and Coal Mine) from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    I am planning to be there with a guit or two just making some music.

    Come by if you can!

  • Looks pretty quiet in this neck-o-the-woods but I figured I'd give a shout out to other Colorado loc's.

     I've finished one CBG (don't know why it took so long, wanted to for years) and should be wrapping up another tomorrow.

     Parts on order for a bass...

  • Thanks, Tommy.  Nice to know I'm not alone.  ;)

  • I don't know of anything. I have done a little at the Mini Maker Faires, but nothing too serious.

  • Is there anything happening CBG-wise in Colorado?

    Just curious.

  • I have been on the Nation for a while; I don't know why it took me so long to wonder if there was a Colorado group.

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Colorado CBG Fest 2018

OKI am sick of hearing about the Pennsylvania CBG Fest or the Missouri CBG Fest...How about one in Colorado?  I am in Littleton and might be able to get a venue.I think starting small would be good.  Maybe a stage with an Open Mic. How does Father's Day weekend sound?I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks,Alan

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CBG get togethers?

Hello, Me and the li'l woman will headin' to Colorado in July. Just wonderin' if any li'l jams or open mikes featuring CBG's are goin' on? I'm a builder and player from Reno, NV. and would like to sit in with a few good people and have a good ol' time. Maybe we'll meet, Seeya-Moedecker

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What are you doing at the end of January?

So, a little background. This summer, I "finished" my first CBG, a 3-string fretless.  It had been something I wanted to do for a long time, and I finally just did it. I took it along when I visited the Orchard Festival run by the South Westminster Artist Group in September, and got a lot of interest and comments. Then, I took it to Loveland for the Northern Colorado Mini Maker Faire, and got a lot more interest and comments. In fact, the organizers of the Boulder Mini Maker Faire, which will…

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