Just placed a big order of supplies from CB Gitty. It will be a merry Christmas!

Have ordered the 3 string Delta pickup w Vol and Tone for my 2nd build that will be electric.

What are the favorite pickups out there I should check out?

The Matchbook has great reviews but seems expensive for my newbie builds.

MGBguitars.com has the Mini Box Buckers 2.0 and 4.0.....anyone tried these surface mounted pups?

I kind of like the idea of a combo Piezo at the bridge and Coil at the neck with a 3 position switch.

Open to ideas and opinions while I wait for my build supplies.


Jim / Codog

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I don't have much experience yet with different mag pickups so I can't share a meaningful opinion on what's best out there, but a rod piezo under the bridge along with a mag pickup closer to the neck is a versatile combination for sure. Send some photos as you go along.

Thanks Mad,

You have yours set up with a both type Pickups and a 3 way switch then?  

On the Rod Piezo, I see most have a micro plug attached to the tail. Any idea why there is extra hardware? I assume you need to then have a female micro jack to a connector to the input jack to plug into to the amp. Am I right?  

So is there a pre-wired set up for the combo Rod Piezo / Mag  already to go? I did not see such an animal in CBGitty.

I don't mind learning to solder to set this up if not.

Also, I don't see many online options that have shielded wiring. A few but not many. Do you have issue with feedback and how do you deal with it?

Picks will be forthcoming as soon as I get this going. Need to learn to play too.  Glad the holiday time is here. :)  I see a few How to play books on CBGitty. Any suggestions, or did you come to the game with 6 string skills already?



with piezos I always use a pre amp.  There are harnesses for mag/peizo setups. I line my box with aluminum shielding, some use copper, and there are shielded wiring products.

3 way switches are one way to manage the two pickups.  I like two volume knobs to blend my two pickups, or to use them independently.  Then I skip tone pots and go to a “phycho knob” or Artec QDD for tone and effects.

i came to the game with years of frustrated 6 string learning/frustration cycles.  The 3 string GDg tuning is a different animal and much easier to play.  It will also prepare you for the 6 string journey if you desire it.

There are many products outside the CB Gitty world.  I hesitate to advertise other retailers, as that may be interpreted as anti CB.  In fact, most of my builds use CB Gitty products.
That said, many of the products for 6 string guitars are interchangeable.  Pickups, wiring harnesses, shielded wires, etc.

enjoy Brother

Thanks for the info. 


I like the delta blues pup, I love the flat-pups that are flat mounts (both of the suppliers you mention are great).

I agree, I am typically building piezo and mag pups. I usually put the mag at the bridge, especially if you are using the bridge embedded piezo rod. I always put a preamp when using piezos (allows for the control of sometimes out of control piezos).
You can put in a 3 way or use two volume pots and blend by increasing or decreasing each for a true blend instead of a 50/50 that you get with a 3 way (on, off or 50/50).

Great questions

Funny you should mention the bridge piezo rod, just watched a video on that and it looks great, but it seemed to have been custom built. I now see Gitty has one that I am grabbing a couple.

Which flat pups do you "love"?  I think I like the smoother sounds, but so early in this rabbit hole, I prob don't know.  LOL so many options. Soap Bar, Humbucker, Juke Shack, minis (they look pretty v flat).  Are all flat pickups Humbucker by design?

Making your own pickups too?  God my wife is gonna hate me and my new hobby. LOL

Btw the blend of mag and piezo fills in where one or the other alone, my not give you the tone you are looking for. I have found the the flat/mag pups deliver a deep low tone contribution. The piezos beast out the high notes. It is my favorite and most versatile style. Instead of tone pots I use the (Psycho Knob” CB Gitty, which is an Artec QDD. I can dial in straight through no effects. The each click increases gain, overdrive and distortion. It’s a great addition


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