Clarification on pick ups

I’ve built a few CBGs and been quite happy with the results. However, I’ve recently viewed a lot of YouTube videos where builders have put their piezo pickups, disc or rod, into recesses in the neck, and not in contact with the lid, as I have done. Which is the right, or most effective, way? Experienced builders please advise.

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  • Hi, It's hard to beat anonymous pick's desription, spot on.

    Just to add that strip or UST, or under saddle transducers are made to sense the vibrations of the string, so mounting as close to the string as possible, [under the saddle} gets the best out of them.

    Disc piezo transducers read the vibrations of timber in a CBG. The timber is excited by the strings, so again closer to that area the more response. Not always a good response, so as AP says experiment.

    Also, a preamp is recommended for a more pleasing performance from a piezo pickup.
    Cheers taff

  • Alot of factors at play here . Not all piezos are equal .  or the same quality .  Vibration of the lid and build design can factor in as well . and/or if the  neck is hard attached to lid etc etc . 

    Rule of thumb is to test  placement with tape to try and find a sweet spot .  Also,  some piezos are more sensitive than others , and may need to be tamed with hot glue , padding or .  placement on the neck may hush it a little better  than getting full sensitivity  by the bridge or on the lid . 

    Otherwise  a cheap squaky piezo may sound like 2 skeletons humping on a tin roof  using a tin can for a condom ...... or like pulling a cat through a keyhole .

    So , test what ya got to work with , and find the sweet spot .  and be sure you get the same brand and quality when trying to repeat success , or  repeat the same design. 

  • Piezo in the neck is very interesting.  With the traditional placement under the bridge, when there is neck contact, it really projects through the amp.  The difference in location and output is intriguing.  I’m sure you will get some great responses from the pros on this site.  Thanks for bringing this idea up, I’ll look forward to the responses 

  • When I’ve used a disc piezo I’ve fixed them to the inside of the lid, with hot glue, directly under the bridge position. I would have removed material from the neck so that the lid, and/or pickup, doesn’t come into contact with any part of the neck with the exception of the points where the through neck enters and leaves the box.

  • Would you mind sharing where and how you are placing the piezos currently?

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