MDF Box Ukes

EgyptPunk & I are thinking about bulding using Romeo & Juliet (MDF) box. Anyone have a uke sound sample of a build with MDF? I've only used wood boxes previously.

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  • This is the box I am referring to... It is my latest build with an MDF!

  • Hi Scott....I uploaded a sound sample of my baritone ukulele with a Masonite top....The video is on the main video page..

  • Thank yu both for the input. Nice work, gents!
  • Hey Scott-

    Yes sir, I have used an Arturo Fuente Box that has a MDF top on it. It came out really nice tone wise. I do not use through box necks, I attach the neck to the box. I tried to get the video link/address, but it only pulls up my page videos. It's the 3rd video on the page with the white AF box with one sound hole.

    Good luck, I'm sure it will be fine. I have used several with MDF, and the tone is nice. It takes a little bigger sound hole to really project sound nicely. 

    • Yup, that sounded real nice KY Mojo!

    • Thanks! The top on this Punch (After Dinner English Market) box is actually thinner than most, and I think it's what gives it the tone and volume that's unique to this build, even though the body is thinner (but larger width and length). I ordered 2 more of these boxes! That being said... you just never know ;)


    This one's made from an all cardboard box. I suspect MDF might have a similar sound.

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