• Another consideration...

    I bought some weedwacker strings a few months ago planning on a homemade upright bass build (I'll get round to it someday honey, I swear!) and those are at a much lower tension than standard steel strings.

    25$ off ebay and you're set. Bass strings are expensive anyway...

    • yeah they are . i trust the neck im 240lbs and my usual neck i can balance it between two bricks and bounce on it . lol i want to use a mag pup so weed wacker strings are out on this one but not out for good . 

    • Roger. I am assuming you're doing this fretless?

    • yeah fretless . 

    • Longer scale lengths = Less tension which means less bowing in the neck. Fretless you really want as constant action as possible and on basses lower actions have a nice 'snap', especially for a nice upright bass tone. Higher action strings combined with an imprecise fretting will be difficult to play in key. Finding the note may involve a little hunting on the fret board.

      In fact that's the name sake of the Fender Precision Bass: "Precision" because it was fretted. At the time when it was introduced most basses were the double bass and unfretted.

      Here's a little information on the tension in pounds for a particular brand of strings:

      As you can see it's quite a bit of tension. Marcus Darrell suggestion a laminated neck which is an excellent way to good to keep the bowing down. You could even try a threaded stock truss rod.

      What are you using for a fret board? I am going to finish my upright bass next week and I am going to try and use some nice walnut for my fret board and I am making the bridge with a peizo today.

      Keep us up to date, I'd love to see what you come up with!!

    • "Longer scale lengths = Less tension" ??

      Don't think this can be right - making a string longer lowers its pitch, so you have to increase the tension to bring the pitch back to what it should be. 

    • Correct, Gwil. One reason that Gibson's are easier to do string bends than a Fender. Gibson scale length is 24.75" and Fender is 25.5".

  • 306225668?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024I recently made this for a friend. Short scale. Three piece neck. It was my first CGBass build. Overall I am pretty pleased with the results. Please feel free to ask any questions.  Chaplain Will  

    • What do you have on the back of the wooden tail piece to keep the string ball ends from digging in?

    • That's a little bit complicated, but I like challenges! I made a grooved tail piece that the strings could wrap right over. That got attached to a block directly inside the box. Then I attached a "cross piece" directly over it, holding the ball ends down tight.  I also included a very clear "warning" about not removing that with the strings under tension! :-)

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