Bass strings??

Okay, I have the neck fretted and the body ready to go on my first CB bass. I built it 30"scale from nut to bridge. Going acoustic with a piezo pickup. The question is.....does it matter if I use a longer length string. I know I need acoustic string but does the length matter? I have seen string for 30, 32,34, and 36 inch bass. Any thoughts/help is very welcome. Thanks!! 

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  • I'll chime in with some bad info: because in CBB there are no rules right?  :D

     I just built a 3 string neck through with a 24" scale. (I did run strings through to bottom of box to try and keep as much length as possible. 2" behind bridge and 2.5" through the box. So base of string to nut is 28")

     I used ADG strings that came off my 35" scale bass.

     It tuned up to ADG just fine and the strings have good tension (maybe a bit tight). It plays well and resonates great, also electric (piezo) and runs through an amp fine.

     So I think it's less important to get the perfect scale length than generally thought. This was an experiment so I wasn't sure but I am having no issues with 'wrong' length.

     I did however use the adg because the thickest part of the A which I had to put through the tuner was the largest string that would fit (uke tuners). The E was too large for that. Bass tuners are 3x the price... ah compromise.


    • To all who responded, thank you. I finished the bass and delivered it the band. R5 is the name of the band, young group. Anyhow, plugged into a bass amp I had used a piezo and it sounded fantastic. Tuned ADG it was very resonant and all worked out perfect. Now I want to make one to keep!!.

  • Uke players use the acoustic guitar version of the Behringer Bass Driver to get the volume and range they need to plug their passive piezo ukes into an amp.  Can save a lot by only having to build passive systems since they all would plug into this.

    • I've been very pleased with the Behringer "Acoustic Guitar Driver" as a booster for guitars. Pay one time; use on everything.  Looks like the price is right on the bass unit. Many thanks for the tip.

  • Probably not the answer you're looking for, but... use Weedwacker line and it shouldn't matter the scale or "string" length.  I used .115, .90, and .80 for a three stringer I made last year (strings tuned nicely to E,A, and D).

    • Actual weedwacker strings? Or is that a bass players term for something I dont know about? Do they create a reasonable amount of volume and? I am using a piezo pickup so as long as they vibrate they will amplify I would imagine. So many new questions!?!? 

    • Yes, actually Weed Wacker line... sorry for the lack of a reply. I have 3 computers at home and not one of them works right when I click to reply to posts on this site (really stinks and I am not sure what the issue is). Am struggling with replying on a tablet right now.

      At any rate... here's a video of the build I am referring to:

      Acoustically it's not very loud, but neither is an electric bass (and it's about as loud as that... loud enough to hear the notes, but not loud enough to play without amplification. I used 2 piezo discs wired in series.

      Again, sorry for the late reply, but hopefully this helps. Good luck!

    • Oh, and email/message me here with any questions. I seem to have better luck replying to messages than forums.

    • There are guys on this board that really use weedwacker strings. I hope they'll all chime in with info on thickness, tone quality, etc. Never done it myself, but I'd like to learn how...

  • Strings must be matched to scale length for best performance.  It's a tension thing.

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