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I am interested in building cigar box guitars. I am just beginning to search out information about it. For now, I build kayaks. Along with doing that comes a load of woodworking equipment. I play a little guitar and have always thought but never followed up on building them. Then came along these lovely pieces; cigar box guitars. 
Again, I am just beginning the investigation but the first thing I am wondering is about the neck. I've seen them straight and going right thru the box...a little tail of the same piece of wood holding the strings. But I've also seen some bit more elaborate carved necks. Are veneers added to the fret board, how do these attach to the box, I assume the neck is taking all the stress not the box.....questions, questions. 
Anyway, I hope I can inspire some conversation and get some help....I can also return the favor if anyone is ever interested in making kayaks, rowing boats or canoes....really, I've only built a couple but am planning on two more this winter. But I do love the folk art quality of the cigar box guitars and would love to try making one, or two.....most likely more.

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  • Diane is right, if you build and play one...,you're a goner, you'll be hooked. Heck, all ya' gotta' do is touch one.
    I've never played an instrument in my life but thanks to these little guitars I can actually make something resembling music and I'm now teachin myself regular guitar too. You will find everything you need to build or play a CBG here.
    Great site with great people !!!
    I'm a wood-butcher by trade and a canoeist-canoer-canoogologist whatever,so you sparked my interest with talk of building kayaks n' canoes. I'm off subject but do you do strip-style building ?
    Nice meetin' you, well I sorta' met you. Have Fun !
  • Most likely more, for sure!

    Poke around on the Build Cigar Box Guitars 101 group, there is a lot of ideas there on how to get started.
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