Baritone a la fender bass VI

Hi all,

I just joined up and am looking forward to building some instruments!  I thought I might start with a 3 or 4 string baritone strung with strings for a Fender bass VI (or Jaguar Baritone).  Any sugestions on pickups, tuning, which strings out of the 6-string set to use, etc.?  I'm kind of going for a Robert Smith /Cure vibe with a little Morphine (the band, not the drug:)) mixed in. Thanks!

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  • As for a pick up might try a Bronco bass pickup I bought some for 8 bucks a piece tho I haven't got to use them yet 

  • which Baritone tuning would you be using, I played a baritone several years ago, I used B tuning but I've  known others to use A, 4 string baritone in B would be A D F# B. Scale length would determine string gauge. Somewhere on CBN is a link to a string gauge calculator

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