• Yes, use guitar strings ADGB tune GDGB or use strings DGBE and tune DGBD. Both are forms of Open G tuning. Enjoy. 
  • Delta Blues Sound.

    Thanks for asking, Keni Lee

  • Hello Jimbo,

    Please watch these video. I think it will give you some good ideas. Please feel free to write if you have any further questions. Enjoy your CBG.

  • I saw where shane said somthing about the middle four strings , did he mean just leave off both E strings?


  • Personally I'd say Super Slinkys are WAY too light for open tunings. For an open G tuning you want at least an 013 on the top, so even if you throw away the top, you're still only left wihth an 011, and if you discard the top two, that would give you a 16 on the top..this might be OK, but it does leave you with a very weighty 2nd string (024)..all of which is OK if you are tuning pretty low.


    In conclusion, I'd recommend leaving the Super Slinkys for fitting to your regular 6 electric 6 string and get some proper heavier strings running something like 032, 024, 016, 013


  • Well thats a wide open question that will get some different answers.

    I would say it depends somewhat on the scale length and range you want to tune to. But we can start with the assumption you want to tune to an "open" tuning for slide, since you mentioned Delta blues style.

    Again, depending on scale length, you might find the super slinky guage a bit light for slide.

    My personal favorite is DGBD (G Maj.) On a 25.5" scale with strings 1-4 from a med guage set. (.030" .018" .014" .011" or so). The I, IV, V blues progression would be G,C,D. (Open, Fret 5, Fret7.)

    Or you could go with D,F#,A,D (D Maj.) and it would be D,G,A.

    Hope that helps, there are just so many options you have to start somewhere and see what happens.

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