Working on a dog bowl resonator at the moment and am struggling to find a suitable bridge. A couple of hardware store trips and looks around the fixings, drawer handles, plumbing sections have turned up nothing. In the past I've used bolts, hardwood, corner braces, but need to attach this differently. I'm not looking for advice so much but just wondering: what random, weird, interesting stuff have you used for a bridge?


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  • Gotta tell you, because of some systemic brain fart I always seem to forget about the bridge. I obsess on the nut and the tail piece, but it is like some sort of forgetfulness EVERY time. I end up hunting through the scrap pile on the workbench. Sometimes it’s a sawn off bolt on a strip of poplar, other times it’s a random chunk of walnut that I whacked at with hammer and chisel until it is right-ish. Your question makes me think of another one “what is the one thing we regularly overlook or forget in our builds.”

  • 10996469068?profile=RESIZE_710x10996469275?profile=RESIZE_710xThese are my last two

  • I built a couple with bone pieces and wood but the height and look was off. I settled on a .38 special brass casing on a grooved flat piece of wood. It just sounds better and the string height and action are perfect.

  • Two 4mm thumb screws + nuts, two domed nuts plus abit of folded stainless sheet. Works well on dog bowl guitars10972590857?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • I used bone and scrap hardwood scraps,horn ,antler and rawhide all are possibilities that I have used in my otherhobbys .

  • Most unusual thing I did was make a rollor bidge out of a bolt and some nuts. The nuts are glued to the top and the bolt is threaded through the nuts. The bolt will roll freely in the threads when the tremolo is used.
    The tremolo was made out of a heavy duty fence hinge, A tremolo arm and spring claw from a Strat guitar.
    The rollor bridge works great. The tremolo never returned to pitch and I replaced it with a tremolo that Gitty sells.10952874452?profile=RESIZE_710x

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