Hey all. i wanted to share with you my build pics from my latest gourd ukulele as shown below. here is the link.

much care was taken to make it very light and strong. you can feel the neck resonate due to its hollow nature. it plays like a dream and has a very comfortable strumming area at the fanned out section of the fretboard. the tailpiece can be easily removed and replaced with something more subtle if i need to. it was built with an art show in mind so i went a little off the weird end. anyway this is made from one of my gourds from last summer and cured over the winter. there is more about that on my blog nicolahandmademusic. i am starting on ukulele number 3 which will bee very light in color with ebony features. i will post photos of my progress.

Mike G

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  • Love this!

    • I guess you could say it is "gourd-geous"!
      All the best from Bill. :D
  • great job

  • That is so awesome!  Now you'll have me looking for straight gourds to make into instruments!  :-)

  • Your build is fantastic! I love to build with gourds, too.
    It's impressive that you are able to use the hollow neck of the gourd for the neck.
    Wonderful details and craftsmanship.
    Awesome job, good luck with the art show!
  • Absolutely beautiful instrument. Well done Mike!!!

  • I have to make my way down to CT for a visit someday, you look like you are having too much fun for one person.

  • really really great, im a fan

  •  Very nice Mike. It is a work of art.    Worth saying twice !

  • Yes, absolutely gorgeous. The select of woods really sets it off. I checked out your blog...you definitely got this gourd thing going on. Never saw that body - neck - headstock single gourd construction. Thanks for sharing. Good stuff. Enjoy, Keni Lee  

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