I originally planed on using a Duncan 5-2 bridge pickup but I found this cheep neck pickup

Can the Duncan be wired to this Alnico using a standard tele wiring if I can use these two together?


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  • Thanks that helps a lot 8)
  • When wiring sigle coil pickups, if you wire one of them with the leads reversed, that will put them out of phase (which will cancel out that single coil hum. So, with the pickups out of phase, you will have no hum when both pickups are engaged, and your normal 60 cycle hum when using the pickups individually. When you wire two single coils this way you are essentially making a humbucker, when both pichups are engaged.

    Manic8-Ball said:
    ya thought the magnets might interact and make some buzzing thanks 8 >
  • ya thought the magnets might interact and make some buzzing thanks 8 >
  • Just make sure that one pickup is north and the other one is south, otherwise it could get buzzy.
  • If I understand your question, which is can I use a Duncan 5-2 in the bridge position, and a Guitar Fetish Alnico Tele pickup in the neck position - I don't see why not.

    Are you thinking that the different magnet strengths would make them incompatible?
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