The thermatic cooling fan in my ute [truck to you N American guys] died, so after replacing it, i was about to throw the old one away, but being a cbg scrounger i thought i'd see what it might contain, unfortunately my son had my bearing/gear pullers, so i had to hack it apart. Took about 30-40 minutes, but the hub has great potential as a spider bridge, with the added bonus of 8 ceramic magnets that are just itching to have wire wrapped around them

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  • Darryl, the spider bridges StewMac sells are cast iron, as were the originals fom the thirties:

    • I think you'll find the ones they sell today are alloy Mouritz, cast iron would be extremely heavy i would think

      • spider-bridge-heavy would be a good remedy for a git being neck heavy?

      • Sorry Darryl, sure they were from cast aluminum alloy as mentioned in the link...

  • I'd say that's a good score darryl.  Should look great on the right guitar.

  • Good idea. Don't know if spider bridges are made from solid aluminum or cast aluminum like the piece you have there. I'd give it a try.

    Is that the magnets in the bottom of the picture?

    • Yes Paul, a bit large, but useable in the right way

      • I found a used record turntable on the curbside and brought it home. The turntable doesn't work sadly, but the actual part that holds the record and turns is made of cast aluminum. I kept it encase I could use it for just this purpose. It even has 2 round sound holes in it.

        You could always make the housing shorter with a hacksaw by cutting at the shoulder all the way around.

        • I'll probably cut it at the 1st shoulder Paul, where the 3 holes are, remove 80-90% of the vertical ring and just have 5 or 6 contact points

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