I like to play unplugged
BUT i miss some ... yes what is it? ... reverb, chorus, delay? I am not sure because very unexperianced with amps

- Yes i could get a big amp with all effects and so on but i want to be mobile (play in the park)
- Yes i could get such a little jarbottle  or cigarboxamps but i want those effects (that sound i hear often in recordings of others)

I dont need to be loud i want the sound
Small and light is apreciated, low cost even more ;-)
I even thought about using my smartphone and an app

... i need Help!

What mobile amp can YOU recommenmd?

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  • Micro cube my Swiss army knife

  • Thank all of you.

    I think your recomendations are good. Specialy because i have asked for a "smal mobile amp with effects".
    But it looks like i want another thing now.

    I realy want to have something lightweight and i guess i dont need much effects, just some gain and kind of hall/echo/reverb/however you may call it.

    So i may will get a real smal and light amp (more just a speaker) maybe the "Harley Benton Miniamp" for 16 Euro and put it into a metal bucket for "hall/echo"
    if that dont work, i look look for a "modeler" like the "Line6 PocketPod" ...
    So i will end up lightweight and get my little "hall" and even less "gain" - i think i dont need more.

    But i am interested in Amps and their possibility now, so i started another thread, maybe its interesting for some of you as well

    Anyway, thanks a lot

    • Blackstar Fly - really small, lightweight and for effects it just has delay. Not anything like as good as the MicroCube, but smaller, lighter (less than 900g) and decent sound (I know, because I've got one). Seriously, don't waste your time messing around with tiny "mini-amps"...they make a noise, but not much else - all of the really small amps will give you a very distorted sound even when you don't want it. Putting an amp in a bucket will do nothing.  For little more than the price of the Line 6 pocket pod you can buy the Microcube. If you don't want to spend much money, don't waste it by buying junk or the wrong stuff...buy the right thing in the first place.

  • I'm sure they have hit all the usual amps but if you can find a used Fender Mustang Mini 7w get it.

  • For apps the Tonebridge App works well on my ipad ( connecting the guitar with an old irig connector and using headphones). Not as good on my smartphone (Huawei) - slight delay in transmitting sound and the effects feedback at a lower level compared to ipad. It does give the tonal sound of the 1000s of the records on file and the app is free. 

  • The cubes are great little amps.

    Right now the Boss Katana 50 are going for around 220 bucks with 5 built in effects including spring reverb and a 10" speaker at 50 watts. They're light too. I would say they are the best bang for the buck deal out there right now.

  • and one more questions

    - what about those Vox amplugs combined with a smal speaker?

    . or those jambottleamps combinied with some effects?

    it surely would be great to have many features but the 2 first priorities are weight and price

    oh my, i really dont know anything about this and theres another question, can i also play acoustic guitars over it? or only electric?

    • Seriously, the Microcube is the way to go..small, light and not expensive for what they are, I've had mine years (bought it used for £30) and it goes everywhere with me. Effects - the Roland has got everything you need, so you don't need to buy anything else..it's got reverb, delay, trem , phase, chorus, flanger. It has acoustic &  clean settings, 4 different overdrives and a mic.setting. It's easy to use - stop faffing about and buy one!!!

      • Best read in a West Midlands accent, that last sentence (entschuldigen Sie- Englische Spass!)

        • Well, I'm in Germany weekend  after this (Saarbruecken AltStadt Fest)), and I'll have my MicroCube with me, as well as a lot of other gear.

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