a OLD Munchen Beer crate for a body, a Japanese fake strat(Diamond)neck for a neck, a Texas Licence plate for a rezzonator, a beer flipper for a stringholder,  just to name a fjew!  Scrapp-yard your next build? 

The Hunt is more fun then the Kill?

what do you reckon?

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  • I have been making a CBG for a Micro Brewery in the area and am incorporating a beer bottle opener for a string holder also. Interested in how you'll accomplish this.

    • Hi Robbie, there are a number of ways to mount a "tailpiece",  but to advise you fully would mean a look at your box and the opener in question.

      The simple explanation is this.....

      3442377618?profile=RESIZE_710xBut a simple bend like this would not work on a neck through style, but the tailpiece could be simply screwed to the top face o...

      It would also have a bearing on how deep your box is here is a sample set up of one of mine.


      This opener was cold bent in a vice, and its pretty old and thick, don't bent it to a full 90deg, leave it angled up slightly aimed at the top of your bridge.

      This box is deep enough. One screw in the end will hold it in place. Possible through a strap button. But you will need a tail block inside depending on the style of box you are using.

      Good luck, the fun of this CBG building is the creative thinking required at times.


      • Thats about how i whoed do it to , drill  2-3 mm holes 3 or 4 what ever needed, in the top part, for the strings to guide treu, and sins mine is a pressed opener , i will bend it and flatten out the strappside of the box so to say drill a exsta hole there  ,whit a 4 string i take a bolt treu and treu for the strenght, and the second screw i use for the strap holder. but some times you need to make a sunk hole cose the wood is to thick to get a bolt treu, but my favorit stringholder is still the lemon sqweezer, but thats mostly estettic resons, and sins my theme is a Munchen Beer crate i went for the beer oppener.

  • Hi Andries, yes many of those necks vary in scale length, but so far I have used the same size box and neck mounting method, bolted on. 

    I find the best location for the bridge on top top,measure from the saddle to the nut position on whatever neck it is and see what fret position joins the body and that where I work on mounting the neck, designing neck blocks to suit. There's more work in an acoustic neck as I have to remove the heal.

    some times the bridge position is not ideal due to scale length putting it too far back on the top, so that guitar will become an electric.

    My Bamboo guitar is a good example of this, a 25.5" scale neck nearly did not work because I used an actual cigar box, I normally build my own boxes. But where there's a will..........


    • Hi Taffy i found that out in the past aswell, i usaly use the 25,5 inch scale (fender scale) but for my Original cigarboxes i allways carve a neck to fit that scale ,i used a acoustic neck once whit the heel on it and the scale does not fit it needs a bigger body, it only gives good chords on the top 3 (tree) frets ,the rest is off but i did not get that big a cigar boxes ,maybee try a wine box some other time , its still a nice summer ,and i have my work cut out on the house ,so no time for Guitar  building at the moment , fall and winter time is my most productif building time , no need for high production levers, it must not start looking & feeling like a Job ! Thanks for your feedback on the toppick ! appriciated ! Greeeeettsszz A.D. 

  • Everything on a guitar can be used. Even the wammy bridge off of a strat. You 'll have to take the block off. Then decide wether or not you want to go with strings through the body. Or drill holes in the support plate for the saddles to top load your strings. 

    Name everything when you tare down an old guitar. Even the tuners. Make sure you know what side of the neck they came off of. What position the pickups were in. Wether the pot is a volume or tone. Best way to know what you have for future builds. 

  • About adapting the Used neck changing the fretboard  is not realy a option , but for the headstock there are ways, at first the removel of exsta wood ,adapting the shape , adding wood to  change the shape, are ways to set the used neck in a other light to adapt your Home build !

  • My first build was made with a double humbucker pickup that had come out of an old Cort Les Paul copy that fell over and cracked the back of the neck. It was the last part I had left. I had originally made it into an acoustic pickup that mounted into the sound hole.

    Not only did it still work, but it gives the guitar some real crunch.

  • Hi Andries, here is my collection of necks for upcoming cbg guitars. I use them for 3-4 and 6 string cbgs, Cutting them down as needed.

    You will see a lot of acoustic necks shown too and they take a bit of modifying to fit. I have a standard way of fitting necks to my box's and use that all the time, so its a matter of crafting the neck to fit my box.

    Of course as well as the neck I have saved all the rest of any usable parts, even the braces from old acoustics to save using my good brace wood.



    • Thats quit a collection there taffy ,if you use the standart scale from the necks ,do you use the 25inch scale for the nut to bridge ratio?  or do u fit all differend fretboards?

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