• Thank you, I'll be sure to try audacity as soon as I can!

  • I too am just getting into recording and after searching the net for advice, I decided to go with Audacity and the software installed on my computer. I thought it was a good starting point and at a price that is hard to beat. If I find I need something different down the road I'll at least know what to look for. Here's a link where you can download Audacity if you want to take a peak.
  • If your budget is anything like mine, "free" is the operative word. I've done all my recording using Audacity (free download recording software) and my computer. All that was needed extra was a microphone to plug into the computer, and I found a cheapie that came with the old RCA cassette recorder I had. It works very well for my simple recording purposes. My wife thought a better microphone would be a nice gift, so she got me a $100 Shure mic. Unfortunately, to get it to work with the computer involved a lot more money and equipment (which I tried), and it didn't really do a better job than the cheapie! So I ditched it.  As for video, any digital camera takes video these days, and it can be edited using good ol' Windows Movie Maker, which you probably already have on your computer. If you're serious about investing in more expensive options, there will be others here who can give advice about them, but I'm happy with what I have.

  • I've never tried ebay, but it's worth a shot for sure.

  • I would have a look on ebay, there are a lot of used and refurbished cameras and audio recording gear going there very reasonably indeed, bought all my stuff there. (-:
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