Has anyone looked into using Tagua nut for slides or nuts,

here`s a description,  Tagua nuts are small (roughly 2″ long) seeds from palm trees in the Phytelephas genus. Beneath the thin, brown, flaky skin of the nuts lies a stark white tissue that closely resembles animal ivory: hence Tagua nuts are sometimes referred to as palm ivory

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  • "poor man's Ivory"...

  • I was late finding out about this stuff., They sell whole nuts or slices.,.,I have seen CBG nuts n saddles made from it, ..   I have seen a few big enough for a ring slide or a stubby slide.,.,  I say have at it.,.,

  • I think Randy Bretz - Mojoboneworks has. I know he was carving tagua nut not long ago but I don't recall what for.

  • I haven’t seen one big enough, they’ve been making buttons for shirts with those forever though? 

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