Here's a gnat's-eye view at the face of a nut as seen from the leeward side of the second fret. The slots for these two strings are cut so that they completely support the string.

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  • Great info! The nut is always the hardest part of a build for me, I'm using a zero fret more and more.

  • Yes indeed, this is excellent info and as Grandpa says, also an excellent argument for zero frets. The amount of precision required to make perfect nut slots out of the perfect material requires time, patience and proper tools but most of us can pull off a zero fret arrangement pretty quickly and easily. Still, I sometimes try for a good nut thinking maybe I'll get it right this time. Nylon string instruments, like ukes, are much easier for me since the string won't cut into the nut material. Thanks for sharing this John.

  • John, this is a very comprehensive sharing of info. Yikes, it makes zero frets look absolutely simple. When I read articles like this, I always come away thinking  it's a wonder that the nuts I cut even play on my gits!  I think most garage builders will enjoy reading this information, and, as I previously stated, be thankful that lesser-built nuts can still perform well on cbg's. Your shared information will assuredly move some of us to try and step up our game! Thanks.

  • oh at last you agree .lol

    joking aside I must admit I know bugger all about tuning etc.

    I can't even tune my own even with a tuner gizmo.

    I can't tell the difference between a G to a g both the same to me so I get my son to sort it as he's more clued up than I am.

    I enjoy making them but I'm completely blanked on how to play. when I have ago am lost!

    I listening to music etc but that its.

    I'm slightly deaf and have been all my life and I wear hearing aids when watching telly or if friends come round ..never where it outside.

    anyway I'm glad you like the link above and hope others do to. 

  • John,

    That is a fantastic explanation of how nut and bridge slots should ideally be cut and finished. I hope every builder here takes a look at your link. Great find!
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