Hi all, here are some photos of my latest build.

The back and sides are silky oak (not really an oak) reclaimed from 100 year old waldrobe door. The top and neck are New Guinee Rosewood. All 1/4 sawn. fingerboard is Ebony and the frets are gold evo frets.

It has a resonator piezo on the cone and a microphone inside, mixed at the pre amp.

Thanks for looking. Taff

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  • What a beautiful piece of work love the figuring in the Silky Oak. Great idea with the Mic and Piezo for me since I tend to play with a bit of top thumping to carry the beat. How is it for feedback.

    • Hi Lee, well is does feedback. but this depends, as you would know, on the proximity of the guitar to the amp and the volumes played at. The pre amp does have notch and phase controls to minimise this.


  • Hi, I came across a question from Richard Dean elsware on this site asking how would this guitar sound as an acoustic?

    I would say bottom line is that it would not sound as good, actually no where near as good, as the full acoustics I build using this '000' style of body. For a number of reasons.

    For one thing the guitar top and it's bracing would not be as responsive, the heavier components used would not lend themselves to the type of tone exspected in a good acoustic guitar. 

    The main contributing factors are top design and side depth. But I love the "000" style guitar when built as a full acoustic. I used the "000" style on this guitar as an experiment. It worked well, according to the look on the customers face.

    Thanks for your interest Taff

  • Thanks for the comments everyone.

    Hanns, the two or four dots that are in the fingerboard tongue over the body normally covers the screws or bolts that secure the fingerboard to the top. Resonator necks or normally bolted onto the body.

    Obviously the other two pearl dots on my guitar are traditional twelfth fret markers. 

    I do not think that the Epiphone has four bolts holding down their fingerboard.

    cheers Taff

    • Ah, a very pragmatic reason - I was speculating about all kinds of wild tunings that would make the 15th and 19th fret especially important...

    • Oooops, 12th fret is marked with 3 pearl dots, but you's would have noticed that.


  • This is stunningly beautiful!

  • That's gorgeous Taff.

  • Beautiful build Taffonator

    • Hi Richard, thanks.

      There are quite a few differences really, I think the colour makes them look the same.

      some differences are: Mine is square neck, no truss rod but carbon fibre bars, round soundholes, solid Rosewood top not ply laminated maple and I used the Martin '000' shape body instead this time instead of the Dobro shape. 


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