What's your favorite 3-string tuning? I hope to produce a bunch more lessons and want them to be useful for as many people as possible. The ones on my website now use EBE, but I'm thinking most people are using GDG.

Thanks for your input.


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  • Thanks everyone for the feedback. It is much appreciated. Looks like the most popular 3-string tuning is Open G at GDG. That's what I'll start using for lessons.


  • simple and  to  the  point . and funny 

  • GDg tuned up to sharp is the one I use as its suits my voice, but doesn't make it sound better but takes the hurt out of it... (-;

    • Yep. On my 4- stringers tuned Bb-F-Bb-D, I'm halfway between A# and Bb for my voice.
  • GDG and ADF# for me...that last one gets you movable chord forms similar to 6-strings, per Keni Lee Burgess
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