We lost everything but the clothes on our backs to a terrible fire on jan 2nd I will really miss the baritone Teisco Vn-2 in my profile pic, I rescued it from the dump the guy was about to throw it in the firewood bin I took it home and totally restored it and it became my guitar voice if anyone has a line on one please let me know..Glenn in Vermont

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    • BMG,
      We got him his axe a coupla years ago :-) But thanks for looking; pick might want one...
    • cool

  • I have a Teisco VN-4 Baritone i'd be willing to part with. let me know if you're still looking.


    •   Marsalina / Sam. thanx to the fine folks on this site   , he already  got one . cheers  ;-)

  • Well, Glenn got a coupla deliveries yesterday and today. And all you fine folks made it happen. He's one very happy camper, I think. ;-)
    • Gotta say I think I know how Glenn is feeling.

      A few years ago I had a cooking accident that put my family out of our house for 4 months and cost us a lot of our possessions. At that time I was only just getting into CBG's but was thoroughly invested in the online community of vintage VW buses. It was so amazing to see the support that poured in from people I had never met. When I saw that Ron was taking action to help out I was thrilled to see that the community here was doing likewise.

      Good job people, and many thanks to Ron for helping make it happen!

    • great work,Oily

    • Like!

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