Cigar Box Nation member, Leo Cayuela just posted this invention in several separate photo pages.  We love the idea so much, we've put all the photos together in one feature article. 

The Lap Steel Slide Adapter - Final product!

first test

It started like this...  Wood cut for adapting a glass slide. Now the slide works for playing a lap steel guitar

started like this


Step Two:  After oiling and waxing the adapter.

slide adapter for lap steel 2
Step Three:  Inserting the slide to fit
slide adapter for lap steel 3
Finished!  Here's how you hold it in your hand (it fits perfectly!):
slide adapter for lap steel

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  • What is the black stuff where the slide goes? 

    • probably rubber to grip the slide so it doesnt move around too much

      • ok thanks

  • I remember when I first saw this post years ago. Great idea I had to make one for myself. Thanks for sharing and to Leo for idea.

  • Très bonne idée, j'en fait un tout de suite... Merci

  • What a good idea, A great thinker...

  • Wow, this is a great idea!  Thanks!

    • Thanks!!

  • Very clever way of getting a glass slide sound on a lap steel. It's similar to a Weissenborn slide in concept, but much better for being home-made!

    • Thank you Adrian!

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