The key question here is, what do I need to practice or learn to get better at playing my 3 string, slide guitar(s)?
Here is a little background...
I am 54 and I have never fully learned to play an instrument in my life.  I say never fully learned because I have dabbled with different instruments, a recorder (when I was VERY young), the piano and the harmonica (because my sister bought me one).  Nothing ever truly captured my attention until I stumbled across the idea of building cigar box guitars. 
After building the first one I was hooked and have continuously been building them for just over a year now (trying to get better with each new build).  I am now able to build, what I believe are, some decent sounding guitars, however my ability to play them is weak at best.  I really want to learn to play them decently.  After all, what is the point of all this guitar building if I can't play them well enough to show them off!??
Naturally I have gone to YouTube and found a great number of videos but this method feels hit and miss at best.  I am interested in finding a good process for learning to play a 3 string, Slide guitar (I will learn to use frets later :)  ).
Now the main question...
I am looking for a process that has you starting out practicing something simple, and when you are able to do that well, you move on to.. which leads to you being able to do... and so on until you are able to play with a decent amount of competence. 
So I am reaching out here to find out what others have done to go from complete novice to having the ability to play with a decent level of competence.  What videos did you watch, what things did you read, what things did you do, such as practicing the blues scale, that will then lead to being able to play X, Y or Z songs? 
What things do I need to learn in order to have a good understanding of how to play (for example, do I need to learn the "TAB" system, etc...)?
ANY help will be appreciated!

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Thank you Kirk!

I had not found the Uncle Mark videos, I am loving the way he explains the "behind the scenes" information! 

I am on lunch but now I want to be home so I can practice!!! 

Get on over to YouTube & subscribe to Shane Speals channel, he puts out videos once a week & starts from a beginner lesson on down to advanced playing. But really, just keep playing & lots of it,that’s how you get better. It doesn’t happen overnight & that’s alright bcuz we’re just trying to have fun & build some guitars. Cheers

Oh I am already there with Shane's !!!  I just wish I could get them in some sort of correct order!! Similar to what I said in the original post.. Start with this one, then move to that video and so on. 

I seem to find them in a very hit an miss order.  

His videos have been my primary source of learning so far!

You can learn not only to improve but how to improvise as well. All you need is a recording program (DAW). Your computer may already have a way to record sound. If not Audacity is free. 

Tune your guitar up and record yourself strumming the open G cord. A few minutes long. 

Playback your recording loud enough for you to hear both it and your guitar. Use your slide to find a note that sounds good with that chord. Keep playing that single note over your recorded chord till you remember where it's at on the neck. Now do the same and find two more notes. Once you get comfortable with all three turn the recording off. 

To play first hit your open G chord. Then those three notes 1 2 3 4. Once you get comfortable with this change the order of the notes around. Then change when you play the open G chord. Try note, chord, note note. 

Try finding two notes you can play together over the open G chord. Remember you can use all three strings. Mix this up with single notes and the open G. 

Once you get confident with this try it with chords you create using your slide. Say you want to play the 1, 3, 5 progression. Recored yourself playing the 3 and find your notes. Then do the same for 5. 

Have you looked over at CBG Tabs group? I posted several beginner level tabs years back. All I could say is just keep playing & if a video lesson is too hard for you, pick an easier one & circle back when you’re ready. Everybody’s been there, I  almost gave up several times when I was just starting,on count of my  fat short fingers. Just keep forging ahead, you’ll get it. Also have you looked at Kenny Lee Burgess? He’s got a few CBG how to series. Good luck & stay positive & keep it easy 

Search for lessons by Gittys own Glen Watt. He has some easier ones. 

To get started I'd suggest Gdg tuning and a slide and worry about tablature later. 

Easy first song is Bad to the bone. One strum each - 5th fret, open, 3rd, open, then slide to the 12th. Repeat without the 12th fret during the verses. 

Yes, Mr. Watt has some great videos on playing & building. He’s also got song tabs on his site

Hey all, 

I just wanted to say "Thank you!"  I have been checking these resources out and I am developing a few good practice routines based off of what I have found thanks to you guys!

The help is greatly appreciated and if you have any more advice, I would Love to hear it!

Thanks again!!

Good to hear, keep on strumming!


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