Having built a handful of CBGs, a biscuit tin or two (depending on how broad-minded you are), and currently working on my second LPG, I was today pondering the advice of a friend, who said that, rather than crafting necks to fit pre-made boxes, I should be making boxes to fit the 35mm x 20mm oak and mahogany I use for necks. That's certainly not beyond me- I built the box that backs the LPG, and it's sturdy and square of corner- and I've found a great source of 3mm BB birch ply. One thing really worries me though- how, with just a craft knife and a power drill, am I going to create elegant f-holes? Or, seeing as how craft knives don't cut curves, just short straight cuts, how do I fashion f-holes at all? Must I stick to upper-case F-holes, or are there simple dies out there that make the job easy?

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Personally, I use a scroll saw, but if I didn't have one, I'd buy a scroll saw blade, and fit it in an exacto knife or home made handle and hand cut it. Use the small jeweler files and sand paper for dressing it up. If you have a steady hand, maybe a Dremel bit in your drill.

I don't have a Dremel- perhaps some research needed there... Tbh, hand-cutting anything but a straight line terrifies me!

Oh, and sorry people- I now see that this question was posed on the forum just eight years ago. Still, maybe the state of the art has moved on since then...

you can buy dremel bits and chuck them in your drill, practice hand cutting on scrap, just be patient, take your time.

Print a pattern from your computer, cut it out and trace it to your material.

That is some excellent advice Richard, thanks. The drill is a cordless Bosch, all speeds from barely moving on up. Perhaps less wieldy than a Dremel, but still... Hand tremors not too bad yet either!

You said you have a drill . im guessing you have a drill bit set ?   keep it simple 

Part of the charm about these guits is  using what you have ,  and it makes for some great creativity  and imagination  . and leaves  some imagination to the viewer. 

Oh, I like that. Yoink!

yoink away . ;-)  just remember to take tear-out precautions to get nice clean holes .. 

Oh my. As Slim said- "Yoink!" Although you freely offered it of course, for which many thanks.

I think the way there may be- as the ply sheets I have are A4 size and I'm minded to make A4 size guitars- to cut the f-holes before doing anything else. That way, the worst that can happen is that I mess up 80c worth of wood.

In that case ,  get 3 sheets the same size  and lay them ontop of eachother , template the top one .clamp em down  . drill through all 3 ,  then  use the protected  middle piece as your masterpiece . scrap the  2  sacrificial ends . ;-) worth  a buck 60  ;-) and  better than 2 attempts  ;-)  lol. .


Again, splendid advice- though I'm wondering if you clamped really close and tight whether you could use the top two. And- letting my imagination run away here- with a drill press you cut cut eight or ten at a time. Better walk before I try running I think!

Have I seen that done recently with two-sided adhesive paper? use it to virtually laminate two or three sheets together then tape off the top and bottom lines to prevent tear out then slow and steady. Use hot air if they are slow to separate light sanding and voila.

Going back thru the vid's I've watched lately and can't seem to find the one I'm referencing. But I will keep looking.

And if ya still get  furry lookin holes . you can always  hide and dress em up with eyelets ..  ( limits your drill bit sizes tho ) but looks great .  


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