Guitar for the grandson

Hi all. Looking for information on how to scale down fret spacing to make a small guitar for my young grandson. I have built many with 25.5” scale but want to make the neck smaller and maintain the right sound. Would a ukulele scale work or would it work to shrink the template on a scanner?

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  • I was an active member of the original PRS guitar forum & been a member of The Gear Page since its beginning.  Also a longtime member of two British car forums.

    Forums are more organized & so much better for conversation & sharing ideas, IMO.  Having the search tool is a great bonus.  Topics on Facebook roll off the page into a black hole.  Some of it is great info never to be read again.  Yes, FB has a search feature, but good luck finding anything with it.

  • Gitty’s super duper busy, but will always take time to resolve any issues, same with Shane, he’s busy too, but will always take time to fulfill his duties as Moderator? You can always join the modern Cigar Box Nation over on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok-(no posting glitches) also, there are more than 250 CBG groups alone on Facebook that need members with experience? I’ve said it many times before: this place is being kept here simply for posterity, an archive to builders seeking knowledge. They figured everyone would’ve migrated over to the Facebook site, but people keep posting here, and people keep responding, so they keep the forum active? Just be happy they pay to keep the lights on & don’t forget to use the HTML Editor before you click Add Reply? 

  • This website was created by Shane Speal.  In 2011, Ben "Gitty" Baker acquired it from Shane.  Ben has his hands full running his business, C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply.

  • I'm with Ray.  I have spent many hours reading the enormous collection of information contained on this site.  Not sure where else I could have learned what I learned here.

    One would think that, in this day & age, the website could be upgraded without losing anything.

    Another fret calculator that I use.  With this one you can print the pattern.  Set your printer to print actual size.

  • Another one of somebody's efforts was wasted. It's no fun typing a post, which may have taken them some time, and/or research, only to find you have wasted your time.

    Surely this problem is fixable, it's been commented on many times over the years. Has anybody bothered to look for the cause, besides saying "The site is old". It has been suggested that if an attempt to fix the problem could cause the loss of old data. Well at the moment we are losing new data.

    How many people go looking for the "old" stuff anyway?

    Just saying...Taff

    • Preaching to the wrong choir, if it really bothers you that much, then go to the source!!! Who’s the source? the Moderator or Ben Gitty? They will tell you why?

    •  I agree with the first of your comments and to some extent the last statement. How many go into the old stuff... I can't say, but I go there often. There is a lot of stuff to learn there. If it weren't there, I'd have been pestering you guys a lot more.

  •  Rob,

     Use the HTML editor tab in posting window.

  • Hi, or you could start your scale length at the 5th fret of your 25.5 scale. As if using a capo, and you have shorter neck. The 5th fret becomes the nut.

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