Hi, first thanks to the members who have commented on my contributions to the forum. But I should point out that other members contribute far more than I do, they just do it in different areas of the CBN site, and do it regularly.

I have not built a CBG-style instrument for a long time, as I have focused on other things building-wise, and repairs and restorations have to come first. However, to stay involved in the forum I thought I would show what I do/have done over the years I thought I would post some group photos. Just to create conversation, or not.

A Bevy of Banjoes...


A traditional fretless Minstral banjo, a CBG style 5-string banjo using a Gibson Mastertone neck, a wood top 5-string banjo, a 5-string piccolo banjo, and last a converted mandolin banjo, the vellum top replaced with a Cedar top.

Cheers Taff

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  •  Agree with Derek on this. Looks like a lot of fun.

  • Those are all beautiful!

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