Working on my first CBG ,but most if not all my boxes are heavy made with 1/2 inch or thicker lids & was wondering since its going to be a "almost thru/Neck to Lid build how much reinforcement do I need to had? I was just going to glue the top of the neck to the body of the lid! Should that be enough for a 3 stringer. Again these lids are heavy duty & thick & I'm using poplar for my neck. " first time CBG builder ,so any info would be appreciated!!

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  • Wayfinder ,I couldn't agree with you morholout "hardware stores etc" are a CBG parts shop in disguise! I've found what im using for goid looks on my sound hole's & the more I look atthe pic of Moritz neck on top of lid CBG ,the more I want to build one! It really looks good!
  • Here is a peak of my 1st CBG "IN THE RUFF" ,JUST AFTER NOTCHING BOX & NECK


  • Here is a peak of what it's going to look like minus the corners ,tail piece ,tuners etc. "In the ruff!"
  • J.D.: From your last post, I understand that you are attaching your neck to the underside of a thick lid. The neck will extend through the end of the box towards the headstock/tuners. Common wisdom and experiences of many would say that this arrangement would diminish the volume, and likely the quality of sound. Yet many have also built stick-on-top-of box guitars, myself included, and the result was a playable, satisfactory sounding cbg. This design seems that is should kill the vibration of the soundboard, but my limited experience is that the sound was "muffled", but not murdered.  Now, when I build a cbg with the neck touching the underside of the box, I notch the upper side of the neck 3/8"-1/2' to get the soundboard some clearance from the top of the neck. I also glue a second piece of neck wood to the bottom side of the neck,running the full length of the inside of the box, to strengthen the neck. I always put a 1/4"  red oak fretboard on the neck, even on a fretless. there are other ways to stiffen the neck, but since I've used this method, I haven't had a problem with my three sting necks bowing, even using a .046 or.042 top string and a .036 or .032 middle string. These can exert a pretty good forward pull on the neck, but so far, no problems. I usually use red oak for the neck, occasionally teak or black walnut, and soon a mahogany neck (thanks, Night Shift). I hope I didn't get too far out in the weeds with this post, but our collective goal here is to further our knowledge, and to aid newer builders in finding their way in pursuit of their hobby. I hope some of this post will be helpful to you, and hopefully others. Happy Building!

    • Oh OK. Yeah (Grandpa) that's exactly how I'm building it and couldn't figure out how to upload a pic of it ,but I added it to the photo section ,but anyways ,Like you was saying "I'm notching the neck about 3/8-1/2 inch. Going with just 2 sound holes and a hinge and eye bolt for tail piece & the bridge ,although I have heard some nice sounding CBG's using a Allen wwrench. I will definitely add the board to the bottom of the neck like you were also saying ,,,give it a little more support. I know a local guy who builds and sales some nice CBG's " he builds a lot of 6 strings w the truss rod & all "now I know it will take a long time to get to you guys level w the frets ,truss rods ,humbuckers etc ,but I haven't ask him for much info ,so I appreciate all the helpful suggestions. I'm using a neck made of poplar and its only about 2 inches wide and maybe a inch thick & being I'm notching it ,I believe I will also go ahead and glue down a fret board for extra strength. It is just a 3 stringer ,but all my lids are a lot thicker than these I see on you tube. I bought 3 of these big beffy boxes " black box from drew estate with gold accents that says Tabak especial/coffee infused 1. Says Toro Dulce and the other says "Toro Negra" on the sides both say the same on top & both have the gold "Tabak Especial in gold lettering on top of the lid & are again really heavy and thick ,just in case you may now which box I'm talking about. I bought mine from the tobacco shop ,but C.B. Gitty's has the exact same box for sale ,now there a lil more expensive from C.B.'s than the cigar shop ,but they are some thick heavy duty built nice boxes ,,,so I'm hoping after I finish this lighter duty AVO box "I decided to use for my first build. That I don't mess up these big boys ,but again thanks for the info " I'm going to use the methods you talked about for extra strength. Now I just have to go find the right fret board ,but I'm just hoping the poplar wood neck I bought will be wide and thick "mainly thick enough!" for the build. After I finish this AvO box hopefully I'll have a little more know how for my next build and since I'm attaching the neck to the bottom of the lid and it will still open if need be ,can always add a pickup. Thanks again for the advice "Grandpa"!
      • Right on JD. Get to it and get yer gits goin'! As Wayfinder so aptly expressed, it is hard to screw it up. As you continue to build you will learn by doing. Your builds will improve with each excursion. You will learn what works for you with the tools and materials you have available.I usually build three string gits using 1 x 2 necks, and my fretboard are 1/4" x 1 1/2" red oak "hobby boards", available at my local home depot.I buy the 4 ft. Length, which typically gets me 3 fret boards on my 25" scale gits. My addiction has resulted in @ 30 gits built over the past 18 months and I look forward to the learning curve on each new start. Keep checking out CB Nation for tips and screw ups that other builder offer, and sooner than later some new builder will be looking for your experienced offerings to help him or her in their hobby. The one who has built two has much to offer the newbie!

  • I didn't mean to get anyone confused when ,I said "Neck to lid" ,,,,I probably should have said neck to lid/almost threw body ,although I like the Simple neck on top of lid & the one in the picture looks great by the way. I'm actually building a almost thru body neck ,but instead of attaching the neck to the bottom of the box ,I'm just attaching the neck to the bottom side of the box lid ,which on this particular box the lid is plenty thick. I'm just hoping I get it good and sturdy. Thanks guys appreciate the kindness
  • Welcome to CBG madness, JD.  Good luck on your first build. One of my first builds was a stick-on-top, which was a pretty quick project. Fun, too. 3 ferrules, 3 strings, 3 tuners, 2 bolts (1 nut, 1 bridge), and music came forth. Sound, at least. Now, when this one is completed, you will likely roll into neck-in-box, fretted necks, bitchin' sound holes, piezo pickups. Then magnetic pickups, license plate resonators, adjustable bridges for intonation, cigar box amps....and then some more. The CBG world unfolds before you. You will find answers, advice, excellent helpful hints and can learn from other builders lesser successes right here in the Nation. One last neck-on-box guitar was not a loud player, but it was a player. I haven't made a cbg with a 1/2' thick soundboard, and it sounds pretty stout, especially for an acoustic. I might think about popping a couple of screws from under the lid into the bottom of the neck in addition to the glue. Let us know how you do.

    • looks great!
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