So my partner and I have been working on reworking a few tunes, redoing them with a twist. Few on the cigar box guitar, few on the 6 string but we'd both certainly appreciate you having a listen to em and liking them if you do. Let me know what you think. They're all on our soundcloud at.

There's a couple of blues tunes including a cover of nightowls hangmans coming and then a fair mix that everyone should be able to find at least one they like so give em a go :)

Cheers all


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  • Great job Dan - I always love it when a song is played in a different style.
    • Cheers David! The CBG bits are on the lowebow I made from the bits you gave me and all the acoustic is on that one you gave me that you'd glued the back on to so cheers to you buddy! Hope your playing and building is going well..

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