Eddy Finn has introduced a new product, and they are calling it the "Roadhouse CIGAR BOX Ukulele". It is, however, not made from a cigar box. I asked them how they can call this a"cigar box ukulele" when there is no cigar box involved, and this is the response I got:

(My question to them): I'm curious how you can call it a CIGAR BOX ukulele. Seems to me that's a bit misleading, and possibly deceiving as there is no cigar box used in your uke. Cigar Bix Ukuleles are a unique instruments that were constructed from genuine cigar boxes, and have earned the name.

Eddy Finn Ukes
"Eddy Finn Ukes We can certainly understand your point, and we in no way are trying to be misleading or deceptive. While these instruments are not constructed of actual vintage cigar boxes they are built in the same style and use period correct graphics. Rather than call them "Ukuleles inspired by vintage designs of hand made instruments constructed of actual cigar boxes" we felt it was easier to classify them as just "cigar box ukes". There are many private builders making fantastic hand made pieces in their shops, these however are produced on a larger scale where the sourcing of real cigar boxes would be cost prohibitive. So far they have been happily accepted by dealers, builders and players for their construction and tone. They are fun instruments. We hope you have a chance to play one soon and we would value your opinion and experience if that should happen. Thank you for your feedback."
What are your thoughts?

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  • Cigar boxes are starting to hard to find. So a box that is similar in shape and style can still be referred to a "Cigar Box". Of course some may disagree.

    • I think it's ok, kind of like a generic description, like catsup, many brands and types, one name to describe

      but as far as hard to find...hmmm, over 11,000 listings on ebay, plenty on craigslist city depending, smoke shops everywhere, they've gotten popular so people are cashing in on that by jacking prices, just got to shop around.

      And there's nothing wrong with printing an old cigar box decal, making a box, and calling it a re-production

    • I guess the better term would be a "Tribute" CBG, CBU or other. LOL

    • Did a quick look, found some in my neck of the woods very reasonable


    • You can find them all over the net and at C.B.Gitty. When I was saying hard to find, I meant locally. That's because most people have come to know that they can sell them now. These boxes are very hard to get over seas and the postage is down right criminal.

  • On the same note, I've made a couple 3 and 4 strings, called them cigar box gits, but make the boxes myself, but....when I sold one and entertaining the thought of selling the other, I never claimed they were actual cigar boxes, but explained each box was custom and hand built, without any duplicate cigar box decals or try to deceive anyone they were original either.



    • Richard, I like what you did with the bottle opener. You have a multi-purpose party instrument there!

    • Thanks, yeah, I needed a bottle opener and someplace to put it, the gee-tar was the secondary thought LOL. Really though, wish it was my idea, but saw it on the internet on one other build, so, I copied the idea, I have plenty of various similar bottle openers, I plan on repeating the idea, and they do make for a very sturdy trapeze.

      I've since sold that 3 string, and selling the 4, I'm thinking since the next build will be a 3 string I plan on keeping and playing, I'll probably incorporate it on that one as well.

  • Inspired by the cigar box uke is what they should have billed it? I seem to notice a trend in mass produced wanna be cbg's? Goes to show u, nothing's safe from knock offs?

  • I recently made a "cigar box guitar" using a book instead of a box. But it wasn't a real book it was a faux hollow book made to hide stuff in. Oh, and it was fretted like a dulcimer so it wasn't even a guitar actually. When people ask what it is I tell it's kinda like a cigar box guitar, as if they'd know what that is. I honestly don't know what to call some of the stuff I make but it certainly isn't mass produced like Eddy Finn instruments which I've played before and they're not terrible, just mass produced. Some of us get up in arms when a large company begins horning in but most of my customers are sharp enough to know a factory attempt to look homemade as easily as they can tell when a book is hollow.

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