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Festival season is really getting geared up now and there is a lot of cigar box guitar news to pass along!  Be sure to check out the articles on the St. Louis and Huntsville festivals below, as well as Justin Johnson's latest video lesson and the leaked track from Shane Speal's upcoming album!

- Ben "C. B. Gitty" Baker

Jim Junksville Sharkey of Surrey, U.K. built this Gretsch-inspired "Glitsch MK2" cigar box guitar featuring a resonator cone and single coil Tele pickup. It's the details that make this one stand out, from the screen wire in the soundholes, dice knobs to the box corners and mandolin tailpiece.

C. B. Gitty offers the gift of homemade & handmade music for Father's Day 2014.  See our complete gift guide here.   From handcrafted musical instruments to kits and books, we have the most unique gift guide for Pop.  If you're a dad yourself and see something you want, forward this link to your kids! 

St. Louis Cigar Box Guitar Festival this weekend!  Justin Johnson headlining "Build One Yourself" event.

DATE/TIME:  Saturday, June 7th, 12 noon till 6pm
LOCATION: Highway 61 Roadhouse, 34 S Old Orchard Ave, St Louis, MO 63119
More information: http://www.hwy61roadhouse.com/
12:00 - 1:30 Justin Johnson

1:30 - 3:00 Song Writers Competition
3:00 - 4:30 Justin Johnson
4:30 – 5:00 Judges and Awards
5:00 - 6:00 Justin Johnson
They will have 75 CBG kits for sale and a shop set up to assemble them and tune play and go. $25.& $35. last year sold out quickly.

Alabama Cigar Box Guitar Fest was huge success
We're all still reeling from the great time in Huntsville, AL.  It was chock-full of awesome concerts by some of the best performers out there along with so much camaraderie between builders, players and enthusiasts. 
  • Read Ben "C. B. Gitty" Baker's wrap up blog of the festival.  [LINK]
  • Coverage from local Huntsville press on fest w/lots of pics: [LINK 1]  [LINK 2]

Lessons from Justin Johnson’s Smoke & Mirrors World Tour
Hammer Your Own Guitar Resonator

The North American leg of the Smoke & Mirrors World Tour is in full force!  In just the last week we’ve roared through 8 states, taught 2 CBG workshops in Alabama, and 5 concerts including the Huntsville CBG Fest. 

Since landing on American soil after our two-month Australian Roots Music Adventure, we’ve also hit the ground running to re-connect with the family of CBG luthiers who made the Smoke & Mirrors album a reality.  Richard Brantley, of Homegrown Strings, is the mad scientist who developed the structural braces that made it possible to record on the Pre-WWII Cigar Box Guitars from Bill Jehle’s International CBG Museum.  Since then, we’ve been working together to develop the “Justin Johnson Signature CBG Resonator,”  based on his original hand-hammered tin can reso CBG  that changed the way I thought about resonator guitars, and has become a huge part of my sound on stage and in the studio.  In this week’s video lesson, I’ll take you to Richard’s workshop in central NC and he will let you in on the secrets behind the signature sound!  

-The Wizard


If you haven't yet picked up a copy of Justin's new Smoke & Mirrors 2-CD Album, you need to! Click here for full details and get yours today!


How to Properly Install Guitar Tuners on Your CBG

Glenn Watt shows the proper way to install economy tuners on your cigar box guitar.  It's a simple lesson, but it'll definitely save you some trouble down the line.  Video link:  http://youtu.be/A79wADu1DOk

Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band leaks first song from their upcoming album, Holler.
The song, "49 Years" features Speal on baritone 3-string cigar box guitar plus the band on washboard, washtub bass and harmonica.  Hear the entire song on the front page of www.ShaneSpeal.com (scroll down and find it on the right column).  
If you are a fan of Shane's older works, you are going to absolutely love this new project. If you've never heard his music, you couldn't pick a better time to start!
The album is slated for release on Monday, June 30 on C. B. Gitty Records.

Show your pride in the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution!  On sale now for just $6.49 at C. B. Gitty!

Cigar Box Ukulele Contest!
Cigar Box Nation is looking for the most artistic, wildest, most radical or most visionary cigar box ukulele.  Do you think your creations are the best? Show them to us. 
The rules are simple:
1.  The instrument must be made from a real cigar box.
2.  It must fit within the classification of a ukulele (Uke soprano, concert,  tenor or baritone scale + 4 nylon strings).
3.  Instruments made from cigar box ukulele kits or from dismantled old ukes are acceptable as well as instruments fully made in your own workshop.
4.  Instrument must be built by you.

Two prizes will be awarded from C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply. Grand prize: $50 C. B. Gitty prize pack + $50 C.B.Gitty gift certificate. Runner up:  $25 C.B.Gitty prize pack + $25 C. B. Gitty gift certificate 

How to submit your entry:
  1. Build the greatest cigar box ukulele you can
  2. Take THREE pictures of your entry.  Three pictures only (no photoshops of several angles in one pic).
  3. Post your pictures in the official submission thread [LINK] along with any fun details about your instrument.

Contest runs from May 9, 2014 - June 30, 2014.  Enter as many instruments as you wish.

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