Hi all I wanted to post this for everyone, perhaps someone can record it????

Ozzy and Cigar Box Guitars

Ozzy and Jack Osbourne stop by Snowden Guitars to pick up a couple cigar box guitars. You can watch it on their show Ozzy and Jack's World Detour this Wednesday November 15th at 10pm Eastern Time. 

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  • THis is so awesome!~!!

  • Watched it! Totally AWESOME DUDE! 

  • How freaking cool is that?!?!?!  Not only did he make some cash, he got to meet Ozzy.  Not only did he get to meet Ozzy, he got to freaking jam with him.  So amazing!  Congrats to Mike Snowden!

  • Great thanks for that .
  • Ok, for those of you whom haven't seen or those who would like to see it again, I've edited the show for just the portion where they visit the CBG shop.

    enjoy the video

    • awesome, thanks.

    • Thanks man for sharing that. Truly Ozzsome! Cool to see Snowden blues jam with the Oz Man!

  • saw it ,  good for Mike  . and well deserved for one of the cbg pioneers , congrats Mike  ;-)

  • AWESOME! looking forward to watching this. 

  • Sweet! Thanks.

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