Hi guys and girls,

I’ve started adding posts to my new blog all about building cigar box guitars and invite you all to check it out.

The first project on there is a basic cigar box guitar for beginners, but I will be adding more advanced projects and tutorials as I go along including fretting the neck, cutting the nut and adding pickups.

There is also a plans page where you can download the most popular fret scales and headstock layouts.

Projects in the pipe line include two licence plate guitars, a hub cap banjo and a Día de los Muertos (day of the dead) Mexican inspired CBG.

I have recently made a pickup winder, so will be adding some posts on making your own custom cigar box guitar pickups.

I will be updating it as often as I can so keep checking back.

As always comments and recomendations are welcome, both here and on my blog.

Check it out, the website is: cigarboxguitars.co.uk

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