In the past week, literally thousands of you have held me up in prayer as I struggled in a hospital ICU with COVID.  

I felt every single prayer.

I am home now in what i consider a miracle.  Staff was expecting me to be there at least 20 days or so.  That is because viral pneumonia had my lungs in a severe way.  Forced high levels of oxygen, meds, steroids and more were poured in.

But now I’m home, sitting beside my Melissa, whom I hadn’t seen in a week.  

Miracle: Although my oxygen levels were coming back slowly, I was so beat-down from this horrible beast of a disease.  Your prayers had allowed me to rest for the week.  By Sunday, I could think clear enough that I knew it was Father’s Day and that I would miss my kids so badly.

I would still have many days to recoup in the hospital.

Then a friend’s mini sermon came across my phone and reminded me that my Heavenly Father is madly in love with me(and you, too).  I started talking to the Father, but all I could do was call him Daddy. I was reaching up to Him like a crying toddler asking for Him to make it all better.

In my spirit, I know it was at that point the Lord God Jehovah came down and held me up.  He picked me up like a loving child.

In the matter of hours, I was getting visits from physical therapy, endocrinology, transitioning and other staff telling me that I can finish my healing at home.  No 20 days.  No more ICU.  Just peace at home with my wife and kids on Father’s Day.

I’m very tired.  It’ll be a lot of work to get back. I can only speak in whispers and a walk upstairs makes me want to take a nap. But I’m home.  God is love. 

When you pray for others in Jesus’ name, it sends shock waves in the spiritual realms. Prayers are nuclear.  I wouldn’t be here at home without those words you uttered for me.  

I love you all. Jesus adores you. 

Pray for Melissa, please. She’s trying to care for me as she also deals with COVID symptoms that leave her very tired and feverish.

thank you from the bottom of my heart

Shane Speal

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  • You are so lucky, prayers to you and your family, stay the course recovery will require patience.
  • Amen and amen.

  • Best wishes and God speed to you from the Fantacone family.

  • So glad to hear your recovering and prayers for you and your Sweet Melissa.
  • Luke 18:27 

    But He said, “The things that are impossible with people are possible with God.”

  • Halleluja May he be Praized! get strenght Bro !

  • Good to hear Shane.

    Best to you.

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