I did a search query on a popular search engine, (Not Google), and got what I found to be a quite funny answer.

 Search AI: "copper water pipe shielding a pickup?"

 AI answer: 

 Copper water pipes are not typically used for shielding pickups in guitars. In the context provided, shielding refers to the process of reducing or eliminating electromagnetic interference (EMI) in single-coil pickups. This is usually done using copper foil or conductive paint to create a Faraday cage around the pickup, not by using copper water pipes.

 Copper water pipes, on the other hand, can be prone to corrosion if not properly maintained. To prevent corrosion, you can use a whole house water softener, which can help reduce or eliminate corrosive materials in the water supply.

 In summary, copper water pipes are not used for shielding pickups, and their primary concern is corrosion prevention, which can be addressed through the use of a water softener.

 AI-generated answer. Please verify critical facts.

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  • Yes A.D., an old cabbage slicer. Which is also called a mandolin.  :-D

    Making sauerkraut, giant cabbage slicer FTW! - Pelican Parts Forums

    •  I was just gonna ask what " The Vinger Slascher" was, but Korrigan cleared it up for me. I had figured as some sort of slicer, but of what? I had a few ideas, but alas... Thanks guys.

      Really cool...

  • Nice one Korigan !  The Vinger Slascher ?

  • Clearly AI hasn’t heard of the Plumber’s challenge build - off here at CBN, I believe they had 3 of em’?


    •  That's what I  thought!

  • Well have the AI give me a call and I'll explain how I used a copper water pipe to shield an MGB Five Dolla single coil.  :-D


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