Try to decide what type of pick up to put under the bridge. Using a GittyBucker near the neck, was contemplating just a small peizo under the chrome bridge. Suggestions? Also have an Electric Delta 3-pole pickup, just not sure about depth for install

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  • Hi Tim, what I would consider is the following: This can be done as a side-view drawing.
    Mount pickup in the box with the desired amount above the top - adjust bridge height to approximate the desired string height over the pickup - then adjust neck angle to give those measurements, also keeping in mind string action at the 12th fret.

    Works for me .
    cheers Taff

  • I built a JBass years ago and wasn't happy with the pickups til I wired them in series. I would've liked the PBass pickups more, but then I added a Gittybucker to the neck and I love it. It gives me those Gibby Bass tones without being muddy.

    34" scale Tele JBass.

  • You’ll probably get a lopsided sound between the two when it comes to volume without a preamp? Maybe move the Gittybucker towards the middle & put 2 capacitors on a switch to add some variance to your Tone pot? 

  • There are a lot of folks out there who like the sound of rod piezos on bass. However, typically they use it with a preamps to boost the low frequencies. When you talk about depth, I'm not sure which pickup you're referencing, but I think it's the magnetic. Usually I start with them about 1/4" from the strings and fine tune from there.

    • Cigar box is only 1 5/8” deep. Delta 3-pole pickup is 3/4” deep.
      Neck bracing in the body, don’t know if I can squeeze it in. 
      Probably go in this direction.

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