Up to my neck in it

So I was going to build a guitar for my daughter.. And panicked.. Argh!! I want it to be just perfect. What if it was just.. Well.. Crap.. Useless.. Unplayable? 

See I had never built a neck before, and although I'm a 'jump right in' kind of guy I wasn't even sure what glue to use. So I needed a practice. 

A close friend of mine (let's call her C.F.) has done me one huge life altering favour for the last year and I thought it would be nice to build her a CBG as a way of thanks. I figured, OK, go for it.

I got a box, I have some wood, let's get stuck in.

So here's some photos of the result and a bit of the crafty stuff.


A bit of glue and clamps


A bit of fret work

Skip to day 2 (and an extra crazy afternoon in between) and here's the results..








think the C and F holes were not as good a result as I had hoped for but it was a good idea, just badly executed. But considering it is her initials, she absolutely loves it. 

Neck to body came out really nice with this one, but I should have spent more time sanding the wood to a proper surface before final finish.

Time for my daughter's build? Not quite, I only have wood for a short scale instrument. Oh well.. At least this will be a bit more practice. And a reason to have another day of beer and sharp tools. 

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  • I tend to just call them all guitars. Even if it's a tiny scale guitar with 4 strings :)

    After measuring up I found that I had enough bits for a 20" scale thing. So I'm gonna build it for practice and figure out what to do with it later. 

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

  • Nice.

    "Only enough for a short scale"? You mean just enough for a ukulele. And then a guitar after you get more lumber. ;)

  • Looks good.

  • Thanks guys

  • A C AND an F hole? Why I never!  :D

    Nice touch, looks good.

  • that  looks  mighty  fine  .  be  proud  . ;-)

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