Talent on CBN

I finally got to sit down and really check out some videos on CBN today. My Internet connection is still so slow and balky it's hard to keep up with anything with it.  Anyway, I just started on the front page of current vids and worked through them. Going to dig a little deeper today while I'm off and try to catch up, but I'm getting side tracked already.

Habenera Hal has a post in the Forums section titled, "The Talent on Here" where he notes there are some very talented musicians and builders on here. I have to second that notion, (pun intended...)

Today's video front page is full of high quality videos.  There is something in it for everybody.  Car amplifiers on a stream bank, recorders inside guitars, bands, "lone wolves" as I call 'em, gospel, easy listening, blues, an aural and visual slice-of-life vignette of a road trip... It just blows my mind.

The quantity of videos submitted is impressive, and the sustained high quality of the videos' content is even more impressive.

Kudos to all!

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  • Thank you Clock.  He's purty too...305820908?profile=original

  • I really like that Mike Bingham fellow. He's very good.

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