Well, my wife really surprised me! She left today for Vegas for a girls' weekend with her old sorority sisters from Houston, but before she went, I was telling her about my ultimate acoustic guitar lust object: a Taylor 914ce acoustic-electric Grand Auditorium, Venetian cutaway, Indian rosewood back and sides, Sitka spruce top, abalone rosette and purfling. I had seen a flawless used one at GC last week for $2899 ( new they are almost $6 K). She said, "Well, you never ask for much, and you did get a promotion and raise this month...just go ahead and get it." I 'bout hit the floor. Here's what the git looks like:http://www.guitarcenter.com/In-Store-Used-USED-TAYLOR-914CE-ACOUSTIC-ELECTRIC-NATURAL-WC-109257147-i3276003.gcSo...I got it. Truly. It was still there on the wall in the expensive acoustic back room at GC! I and my bank account are still in shock.This git is and has always been acoustic tonal nirvana for me. In this price range, these are still all handmade. I am truly blessed in so many ways, and besides, this is git porn to slobber over. I truly just wanted to share, not to make anyone jealous, or rub anyone's nose in it. I simply had to tell someone who truly understands GAS. I know, it's not a CBG, but jeez-o-pete, it's beauty, both tonally and visually. I may sleep with it...
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  • a swamp witch guitar    up-staging  a  martin  ?  ..  wow  .. i  cant get  much better  advertising than that  ;-D

  • When you walk into the Tone Wood Room at G.C. you can smell sound. I can't go by a GC without spending a half hour in that little room. Where else can you walk in and by yourself grab a Gibson jumbo bang on it as long as you want, that grab a Martin 00 12fret then a  Taylor  914ce.

    I started build cbg's  Ron because I wanted light small guitars I just couldn't hold my D--28 , but while I was first building cbg's I bought a Martin 00-18v it was so easy to hold I knew I would play it every day. The Martin is 2 years old I have had my Swamp Witch 2 months and the S.W. has more time on it then the Martin. 

     Taylor 914ce a guitar that does it all. Enjoy Ron I'm sure you deserve it.

  • Man, Congratulations!!. Great wife and pard

    I played a Taylor yesterday that just blew me away. Some kind of custom shop built like yours and large body but no cutaway. Indian Rwood with Spruce top. The guit is 5" deep. The bottom end on that guit was amazing. Really deep but not tubby. Very crisp and the highs were kinda sparkley. Wonderful instrument!!

  • Very nice!

  • That'd only embarrass her; I'm planning on truly shaming her when I get her back, as one of the conditions of the deal was Deb said I now hafta hang ALL my gits on the wall. But Thanks for offering ;-).
  • Ron, if you have any trouble getting it on an international flight, I'd be happy to have it on my wall in Boston....

    It's a beauty.

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