DISCLAIMER: NONE of the comments below reflect those of Cigar Box Nation site or as a whole nor any of its members nor Shane Speal himself or anyone associated with him. These are my thoughts and opinions solely. I don't own the site nor am I admin of any kind. Please pardon the length whatever it becomes. Stop if you had enough. I warn you, its a manifesto. In fact, this might get me kicked off (I hope not tho). Rebut if you will. Its a free country. - WY


the Nation is a rhorshock test.... it is what you want to see it is.
Under Shane it's nature will ebb and flow like the seasons. But, it is
big enough that you can find a little corner and get comfortable.


So I have to reflect on these words now as I have been in the middle of trying to decide how to react to a growing sentiment from old Nation members as to how the Nation has changed, what it's doing wrong: basically the state of the Nation currently. It indeed is what you want to see it is. It's different from one person to another. That's really cool and that is how it should be. Problem I have is when some folks come back over to the Nation and decide somehow that we shouldn't be doing what we do or how we're doing it (make CBGs and CBG music).

Before I even start and before anyone gets a case of the ass here, NO ONE should do ANYTHING they don't want to do here in the Nation -- no matter what. You don't have to build anything, you don't have to chat, you don't have to post messages or reply to them, you don't have to log on even once. Nothing. Come and go, log on or not, hang out, grab plans, steal ideas, post your Viagra and Cialis ads, listen to music, post a manifesto... whatever. It's an Internet based community. Shane holds the keys and has had need on many occasions to use them to 'lock the doors'. It's a free online community.

What irritates me is, as stated above, former/current member(s) taking time to make it criticize the Nation and its members as a whole.

As an example, I wish I had a copy of the chat that someone posted this morning. It read like [the members of the Nation] are producing crappy CBGs just to sucker eBay buyers into buying bad instruments and that we have 'no ear for tone'. That comment set me off. Where the Hell did that comment originate from and why did they feel the need to get onto our chat and pass that comment? This was someone who had been associated with the Cigar Box Nation since the Yahoo Groups day (before my time) and should know damn well that. Gee, most new people here now might have been them those years ago or they might have helped someone new then or are STILL helping someone new. This guy is a well known, well respected person too. That's what kills me. The 'poster boy' for CBGs. Here's one excerpt that kills me: 'I would rather take up knitting than pursue the deadend work that is taking over [the Nation]. No Imagination .'


So if you got this far, you might have seen instances like this or experienced this type of behavior or you might be some of the ones posting negative comments. You might agree or disagree. Whatever, you see a point here.

Ya'll here's where I stand and let me reflect back to the message from Sam: The Nation is what you make of it. Not what I make of it. Not what someone on chat makes of it. Not someone of name makes of it. And if you want to make something good of it, do so. Negativity like above is not a solution, it's a problem. A problem for anyone who sees and reads negative crap like above and it's a problem for the person who post this junk.

Am I taking it personal? Yeah in a way I am. Not for the sake of the Nation and its members but because [in the context of the post regarding us a making crappy instruments and selling on eBay] it was personal. The audacity of saying we collectively as a group of home built instrument makers are doing something they think is bad. Say 'I think the site is getting way to focused on promoting bad builds' or 'is too focused on selling to other members' or 'is too focused on playing gigs in their own town' or 'the Nation is not chatting actively'. Something concrete like that, but to generalize that all of the members as shit builders. Now it's personal and shameful on their part.


Here's what I'm saying now, I've said it in chat and I'll say it here: If you don't like the way [the Nation] is running or being run, move on or make things better. Don't piss in our cornflakes just because you can or you think you're 'somebody'.


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Comment by Kevin Sprague (Knotlenny) on March 16, 2010 at 10:07pm
Yeah. This kinda crap happens when we all get side-tracked and it becomes too much about the chats and websites and other such peripheral nonsense.

Remember, nobody in the history of the planet has EVER gotten into an argument while playing a cigar box guitar.
Comment by Wes "I'm Baaaaack" Yates on March 7, 2010 at 10:27am
You know Keni, that's why you are a man of great integrity and insight. Thank you.

Peace and great knowing you!

Comment by Keni Lee Burgess on March 7, 2010 at 8:34am
Hello Wes,

I have been on Youtube since 06. Percentage wise, the support has been very positive, but I know your frustration. Sometime viewers can be very abusive.
I greatly appreciate the encouraging comments and the negative "construcive" ones too. A mentor of mine, who is a Julliard trained musician told me that the most important comments come from reputable educators and professionals in the industry. These are the comments to truly consider. Their words usually have weight due to their position and experience.
I would first consider, who this person really is making these accusations? I have found, you need to be careful what you take in. Sometimes when people are jealous of you or instead of working hard themselves to create something, they rather attack you to make themselves feel empowered. This is a simply war straregy to lure someone into a fight. What is their true agenda? Many times the best thing to do is not respond. Why add fuel to their fire? Why give them what they desire? Your attention. Your acknowledgement.
It has been my understanding, real professionals do not succeed by spending their time degrading the competiton, but by focusing on improving their own product by seeing the limitations of what is currently available. This is the true spirit of competition. Go ahead, build that better mouse trap!
As for the Nation, I am a relative newcomer. I appreciate Shane and all the past, present and future memebers for all their hard work in creating a truly unique place to hang out. All are welcome. I have always found this environment to be exremely supportive.

I wish this crap would stop, but I don't think it will in my lifetime.
Thank you for listening. Enjoy.
Comment by Wes "I'm Baaaaack" Yates on March 4, 2010 at 10:39pm
"While one or two people piss on cornflakes, we get 120 new members silently joining, checking out the plans, building their first and playing in their livingroom. THIS IS THE REAL MAGIC.

Embrace the music. It's about music. You build a cigar box guitar to play a deeper form of music... the key word is PLAY."

A-freakin'-men. The music, John McNair's music, is what brought me here.

And you know, 99% of the time I blow the crap off as being what you said -- crazy shit, but this 1% really burned my ass. everybody here that makes and plays a CBG does so out of love for the instrument. That supersedes anyone's personal opinions (even mine).


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