My last few builds

I thought I would just post a compilation of my last few builds in here just to let anyone who's interested see what I've been up to.

I'm not sure what I have shown you guys so I just took a few photos. I don't know if blog posts in here go to the photos page either so I might post them twice.

Quick rundown..
Three different scale length and semi acoustic to full electric builds. The smallest box is the inside sheath of the mid size guitar. So I got one for free :)

I've had a bourbon or three so I will just go ahead and post some photos..

Umm.. No I won't. I can't find the photo post button.

They will pop up somewhere and I will fix it later. Hahahaha.

Never ever have two bottles of buckfast and try to use a phone.

Edit. I forgot about this.

Here's a couple of photos. I really could be doing with getting online with my laptop and fixing up my profile but that's just not possible for me so it's all done on my fiddly little phone.



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