Down time on messin with CBG's !

Well I have been kinda in a state of suspended cbg building and playing this year.

Seems as though every time I get an Idea something comes up that is more important.

Back in April I rescued a baby raccoon and we have been raising him to be released this spring. He is like having a 2 year old again , into everything but he has been a fun and learning experience. I love nature and all of God's critters.



Then my wife's van had to have a new motor put in and now my lil mustang blowed the head gasket so it is always something but I will be messing with cbg's again cause it gets in your blood and sticks with ya!

Just some of my ramblings so see yall latter.

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  • I am in constant touch with rehabers and they say I should do a soft release in my back yard seeing as that i live in the woods and he will more than likely do as the end of your post says, Stop by and see me from time to time or when he is hurt or needs something. They are such interesting lil creatures so full of curiosity .

    Thanx for your input!

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